Our knowledge of the manufacturing industry along with our extensive list of precision equipment allows us to provide superior quality, service and delivery to our customers. We can provide cost effective methods of manufacturing without compromising our commitment to quality and service.

With CNC Swiss, CNC Lathe and Mill, Conventional and Screw Machine capabilities we possess the equipment and skilled personnel necessary to provide a wide array of services at competitive prices. Located in the suburbs of Chicago, IL we have quick and easy access to just about any material, process or tooling required to help expedite your job.

We also offer assembly as a value added service enabling our customers to order a single assembly rather than a longer list of individual part numbers.


V&L Red Devil Mfg., Inc manufactures precision machined assembly components from a wide array of materials to an equally wide array of industries. We produce parts made from engineered plastics to high temperature alloys.

We utilize equipment ranging from simple mechanical machine tools to the most sophisticated machining technology to produce high quality components at competitive pricing.